News and Updates

September 2021

Students’ Reading Comprehension tests on Paper and Screen

Sherly Q. Sarmiento

As per DepEd Order No. 12, s. 2015: Guidelines on the Early Language, Literacy and Numeracy Program, this assessment aimed to assess the reading and literacy skills of learners. Such tests include reading materials and 20-25 item tests which were answered by learners and assessed by English and Filipino Teachers.

Videos, only if applicable, showing the actual reading of learners were sent to the teachers. Out of the 2008 G7-G12 learners who took the tests, 1117 were under frustration level, 623 were instructional and 268 were independent (data from Phil-IRRI report, English).management effectively and efficiently and for the teachers to manage based on standards of teaching and learning process.

Through the reports of different program coordinators it can be evaluated if there will be an adjustment to make to face up to the challenges made by the pandemic to make the right and relevant decisions that will facilitate appropriate actions.

For Filipino, out of the 1540 learners (G7 to G10 JHS) who were assessed, 764 were frustrated (pagkabigo), 395 were instructional (pagkatuto) and 381 were independent (malaya). (Data from Phil-IRRI Results, Filipino).

GNHS CEPT grabs 3rd Place

Charlene A. Bruno

The Division of Lucena City conducted a research plenum with the theme, “Evidence in learning Continuity.” This is to recognize research dissemination as an important component to promote the culture of research in basic education.

The activity aimed to build networks with other teacher researchers tod discuss issues and challenges that affect the implementation of quality basic education, to increase the research productivity and promote the culture of research in the Division of Lucena City and in the school.

From Gulang-Gulang National High School,there were 11 teachers who attended the Division Research Colloquium last September 24. There were also 3 researches which were presented by Sir Medel Huerto and Ma’am, Maricar J. Espinosa, Ma’am Vanissa Yara and Ma’am Analiza Bugarin and Sir Rodolfo A. Sena Jr.

The said research, titled; CEPT: A bridge towards continuing enhancement for teachers got Third Place award in Teaching Related and Non-teaching Category.

CEPT will help improve the quality of teaching and learning processes of teachers by making small, incremental progressess. It is anchored to the premise of helping the teachers to achieve the objectives of the K to 12 Program in attaining quality education which will be attained through the help of the quality teachers.

RO recognizes GNHS OPLAN BALIK ESKWELA video presentation

Geraldine D. Queaño

As the opening of classes for S.Y. 2021-2022 started, Gulang-Gulang National High School made sure that everything was planned accordingly. One of the essential components of the opening of classes, was the preparation for Oplan Balik Eskwela.

The OBE is part of the Department of Education’s effort to ensure that learners are properly enrolled and also to address problems, queries, and other concerns commonly encountered by the public at the start of the year.

It was a priviledge for the school to be reecognized by the region for preparing the OBE. Only 5 schools from the Division of Lucena City were named to in the Region.

October 2021

Virtual Math Festival Boosts Learners’ Math Confidence

Sherly Q. Sarmiento

Every year at Math Fest, the Mathematics Department of Gulang-Gulang National High School, presents the latest in math to a vast audience of students, parents and teachers. This year’s Math Fest will be an interactive, accessible and informative virtual experience for all attendees.

Math Fest strives to reach its large community of mathematicians, students, and enthusiasts to help advance the understanding of mathematics and its impact on daily lives. MathFest 2021: focuses on understanding of our world through mathematics because mathematics drives society and shapes our lives’. 303 learners registered and participated to six (6) various online activities for Math Fest.

SHS student bagged 1st place in the Division Essay Writing Contest in Celebration of the National Statistics Month.


Charlene A. Bruno

The Faculty and Employees Association (FEA) achieved its target of registering all the teachers for National I.D. including their families.

In partnership with PSA who host mobile registrations, the school has prcocessed 120 registrants.

The national ID shall be a valid proof of identity that shall be a means of simplifying public and private transactions, enrollment in schools, and the opening of bank accounts.

It also seeks to boost efficiency, especially in dealing with government agencies where people will only need to present one ID during transactions

SPED Profiling intensified: GNHS assists special education students

Geraldine D. Queaño

Every child has the right to the same opportunities as others, regardless of the difficulties they face. Special education is of great importance for children with learning disabilities, because it gives them the opportunity to get quality education in line with their unique needs. Special education enables every student to gain a high level of independence and reach their full potential. or through a set of data that has been collected from standardized testing. The Student Affairs through its Guidance Office conducted profiling of learners with disabilities.

Based on the result, there were a total of 29 students under special education. There were 16 or 55.17% who have difficulty in seeing out of 29 students. Five students have difficulty in speech and 5 with learning disability, mostly in comprehension.

While 1 student with behavioral problem, 1 with difficulty in hearing and another 1 with mild cerebral palsy. These students were given assistance by the school through the help of the school nurse, Mrs. Florence F. Daniel. Most of them undergone free check up and were given medicine as well.

Aside from this, the school believes that the most important mission of special education is to provide students with special needs with development opportunities and a learning process that will improve the quality of their life. Teachers also assisted these students in terms of how they would easily learn.

This process has a great value for society as a whole, because special needs students get the opportunity to be accepted into the community, which helps them to become more independent and happier, surrounded by people who understand their needs and support them at every step of the way.

Regardless of impairments, with the right approach, the child will not be excluded and alienated, but will have a fulfilling social life. A better understanding of their disability by other children will lead to their acceptance as equal members of the community.

November 2021

MATH Department observes Digital Celebration of 32nd National Statistiscs Month

Sherly Q. Sarmiento

The National Statistics Month (NSM) was celebrated every year, to enhance and instill nation-wide awareness and appreciation of the importance and value that statistics provide in the different sectors of our society. With the COVID-19 pandemic still underway, the opening ceremony was held online.

This year’s theme was “Bridging Digital Gaps: Making Information Available to All” This year’s celebration put focus on the importance of digitalization and the need to address social inequality in terms of access to and use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT). The theme centers on the availability of information for all in digital and computer technologies, adopting faster and more accurate delivery of timely and quality statistics for sound policies and programs that are produced through effective innovations.

Different contests in the E-Math Fest was held like Math Drill, SUDOKU, Math/Stat Quiz, Math Bingo, Poster Ma king and Math Jingle which were all assisted by Math teachers last Nov. 2-19. As the situations eases, relevant and timely statistics play an important role in crafting better policies to steer socioeconomic recovery to include creating employment and other economic opportunities.

GNHS declares victory; passess SBM LEVEL III of practice

Charlene A. Bruno

SBM is an educational improvement strategy that transfers significant decision making authority from state and district offices to individual schools and can create more effective learning environments for learners by involving stakeholders in these key decisions.

After passing the division validation, Gulang-Gulang National High School qualified for Regional validation. The same steps were followed in reviewing all documents and evidences related to SBM school practices such as (1) Determine Performance Improvement of three thematic areas, namely access, efficiency, and quality; (2) Compute for validated SBM assessment scores on four principles, namely leadership, curriculum and learning, continuous improvement, and resource management; and (3) Compute for final rating, which has a weight of 60% for KPI and 40% for DOD.

The school was validated by the region for the Regional SBM Level III in November 10. This was the greatest milestone that GNHS has achieved. The recent announcement that the school was able to PASS the level three of practice made the stakeholder more dynamic. GNHS became more motivated and will remain motivated in providing services with the aid of the stakeholders who are the main reason why the school received such achievement.

“I am very proud of what the school has achieved. We have seen the fruit of our hard work. I will continue to support and help the school to deliver quality education that our learners deserve,” Mr. Rodolfo A. Sena Jr, Principal II said.

Through the collaboration of all teachers especially the SBM team, the goal to achieve LEVEL III became a realization. That event was not as easy as expected, with many articulations, judgments of practices, and persuading conversations being thrown by validators, but it all worked well in the end.

Teachers reach students through home visitation

Geraldine D. Queaño

The teachers at Gulang-Gulang National High School have been doing a lot of things to continue engaging their students while the school has been closed during the pandemic.

Teachers came up with a way to safely begin visiting their students. Ever since, teachers used this intervention, it was proven that home visiting has long served an essential role in addressing the needs of the students by connecting families to programs, supports, and services.

December 2021

GNHS’ Enhanced Reading Program recognizes as 4Bs Implementer Finalist

Sherly Q. Sarmiento

The Enhanced Reading Program (ERP) of Gulang-Gulang National High School is an evidence-based reading program that uses personalized instruction intervention for students to improve students’ reading proficiency. It helps the students become confident, lifelong readers.

In the recently concluded awarding ceremony, it was recognized as one of the finalists for the Best 4Bs Implementer in the 2021 Lucena HENYO Awards. The awards program, held by the Division of Lucena City, highlights the outstanding accomplishments of the school in providing quality reading program to help all learners.

“Being named as one of the finalists for 4Bs Implementer of the Year is an outstanding achievement for our team and reflects our commitment to providing a comprehensive tool that meets students where they are to further develop their reading abilities,”Mrs. Herna A. Villa said, Reading Coordinator.

GNHS wins award as Best Performing School among the secondary schools

Sherly Q. Sarmiento

Gulang-Gulang National High School has been awarded the best performing school among the secondary schools in the Division of Lucena City. The award was presented during the Lucenahenyo as part of the Division’s annual event.

Over the years GNHS has been noticed to be outstanding in the various programs they have implemented.

In his message while receiving the award, the School Principal, Mr. Rodolfo A. Sena Jr., expressed his appreciation for the award. He further stated that “This award is an affirmation of GNHS’ commitment to excellence and integrity in the educational sector in the Division of Lucena ”.

GHNS today, is even more determined and poised in their pursuit and commitment to produce graduates who are sociable, innovative, confident and technically empowered to achieve success through hard work, integrity, creativity and persistence.

Students take Tiktok to raise environmental awareness

Charlene A. Bruno

If you've assumed that TikTok is only for sharing over-the-top dance challenges, you might want to give the platform a second look. The video-sharing service is now home to a growing community of eco-friendly creators, who aim to raise awareness on urgent environmental issues like global warming and the need for sustainable development among TikTok's 800 million users.

TikTok has rapidly become a breeding ground for eco-friendly influencers, whose environmental challenges have attracted tens of thousands of users, who are mainly millennials or members of generation Z.

Another activity was organized by the Yes-O to promote ennvironmental awareness.

School assists students with ear,tongue and behavioral problem

Geraldine D. Queaño

Hearing-impaired children have a higher risk of developing language-processing difficulties. If left unchecked, these children can have trouble keeping up in class.

Though the school is still faced with a significant educational and developmental slide for many students associated with the pandemic, there is a need for balanced programming that supports learning, while also supporting their social, emotional, and behavioral adjustment, including wellness. That is why GNHS assisted SPED students who were in need of support for them to have equal opportunity in education education.

January 2022

Subject Coors Validates 3W-ILMs and reviews Mid-Year Performance

Sherly Q. Sarmiento

The activities for day 5 focused on the validation of the prepared localized 3WILM for Quarter 3 and mentoring and coaching teachers as the raters conduct the mid-year evaluation of documents.

For the validation purposes, the checklist for the content analysis, language and format analysis were conducted per 3W.

Afterwards, the data were collated, tallied and the 3w were revised based on the suggestions and recommendations of the participants and subject head/ master teachers.

The challenges: 3W-ILM for three weeks were re-validated out of eight-week localized worksheets per grade level. This requires additional time and efforts to fully validate the other 3W for the remaining weeks.

Evaluation Results on IN-SERVICE TRAINING, SY 2021-2022: SUSTAINING SBM LEVEL III January 31, February 2-5, 2022

Azenith G. Mercado

The five-day In-Service Training for Teachers resulted to the following; As to the quality of teachers’ experiences in their participation in the LAC session, 96.3% of the participants rated very good, and the remaining 3.7% had an over-all rate of good. Moreover, 96.3% strongly agree that the speakers mastered their topics, while 3.7% of the participants agreed. 85.19% of the teachers was satisfied in the conducted INSET, whereas 14.81% of teachers was satisfied.

DepEd declares health break for students, teachers

Geraldine D. Queaño

In view of Presidential Proclamation No. 922, s. 2020 declaring a State of Public Health Emergency in the Philippines, Executive Order No. 2022-01-001, s. 2022 of the Lucena City Mayor, Alert Level Classification for COVID-19 Response issued by the National IATF placing the City on Alert Level 3, and with the rising COVID-19 cases and health reports from employees experiencing flu-like symptoms, the Division of Lucena City declared a Health Break from January 19 to 28, 2022.

As cOVID-19 soars high, the weeklong “health break” for students and teachers is to recover from Covid or care for loved ones infected with the virus as the country experiences a record number of cases fueled by the rapidly spreading Omicron variant.

Since, the parents’ anxiety level for their kids are increasing, the Division of Lucena City also decided, to close the school until the end of the month.

The measure may seem less like a breather for parents, who have already had to help their children.

While on Health Break, respective duties and tasks will performed relative to office functions via work from-home arrangements.

February 2022

GNHS gets ready for limited face to face classes

Sherly Q. Sarmiento

After missing out on face-to-face classes for almost two years due to the pandemic, learners will soon get to cherish the joys of going back to school.

Gulang-Gulang National High School is now preparing for the expansion of having a limited face to face classes.

The opening of limited in-person classes in some public schools this month gives hope that a return to some degree of normalcy is forthcoming. We can attribute this development to the increase in the number of students getting vaccinated daily and their adherence to the health protocols imposed by the authorities.

In response to this new development all teaching and non-teaching staffs were all hopeful that the school will be approved to conduct the LF2F.

Among the schools’ preprations were making sure that the learners will be safe on their return. Personal hygiene kits will be made available for each student.

Only 20 students will be allowed inside the classroom to observe proper social distancing.

With the gradual resumption of face-to-face classes, the struggles of both the students and their parents in coping with home-based education will soon be eased. Our hardworking teachers, who already have sacrificed enough to ensure our learners get the quality education they deserve even during the pandemic, will also have some relief once they are able to step inside their classrooms once again.

It’s only appropriate then that the precautions are taken to protect our learners from possible infection, as we gradually return to face-to-face classes.

GNHS remains hopeful to be included in one of the schools that can implement face-to-face learning, subject to the approval of the Region, Division and LGU.

Amid hesitancy from some parents and students, the school is making sure that everything will be ready and that the safety of the learners will be its top priority.

As for the participating learners, only those who will be able to secure consent from their parents and those who have no comorbidities will be allowed to join the classes.

SBM Benchmarking: Provides assistance to schools aiming for accreditation

Charlene A. Bruno

Quality experience is the best teacher. More than the common way of providing lectures inside a conference hall, benchmarking provides a better experience if not the best quality experience for a program coordinator in facilitating a deeper understanding about an effective school management.

There is always a better experience in seeing the most natural set-up in operating a school practicing efficiently on the principles of SBM. Stepping into the actual setting and taking the opportunity to ask and learn from friends and able School Heads will surely provide the best alternative way to a faster learning of SBM Level of Practice.

Gulang-Gulang National High School being a Level III in SBM Practice through the leadership of Mr. Rodolfo A. Sena Jr. acts as a faithful partner in securing in-house technical assistance by serving as a model school in benchmarking activities incoordination with the School Governance and Operations Department (SGOD) headed by Mrs. Charlene A. Bruno. Being one of the three schools in the Division of Lucena City to be accredited and validated by the Regional Office in the Advanced SBM Level of Practice. Schools who want to improve their level of practice take time to visit and learn from the kind of school-based management practice being implemented at GNHS.

Being the prime school in the division, Mr. Rodolfo A. Sena Jr., provides the best services in terms of effective school management, the support of its stakeholders as its best practice.

Next, the shared leadership and accountability through engagement in the programs and projects of school and community. Strong partnership between the school offers wider opportunities for productive linkages. In addition, school effectiveness runs between and among people who are willing to share, empower and transform the school in its best against the challenges and changes of our time. Therefore, the SBM practices of this school are highlighted to inspire other schools where the best and quality experiences of its stakeholders are accounted and recognized in the division.

Among schools who had been assisted by GNHS were the North, East and West districts. Experiencing and promoting the Push and Pull principle between and among partner schools is a quality and effective means of providing education services that would benefit our learners.

Their effort and dedication to serve and help the students in molding the future leaders of our country is invaluable and much worthy of this recognition.

HGP Conducts Monitoring for Quarter 2

Geraldine D. Queaño

The Homeroom Guidance Coordinator, Mrs. Rosalinda P. Decena conducted monitoring for Second Quarter.

The evaluation higlighted the program’s significant accomplishments such as; Distributed and retrieved Qtr. 2 3W ILM RHGP. Teachers also completed Qtr. 2 Annex 1 , 2 and 3. 59% of Class Adviser in JHS conducted online Classes with 0.035% attendees via google meet.

100% of Class Advisers in JHS conducted Modular Basis in RHGP classes. While 53% or 1431 learners were given 4 or commendable remarks in doing their task in HGP and 30% or 1053 were given 3 or sufficiently Developed and 459 or 17 % were given 2 or developing in RHGP.

6. Conducted a RHGP Level of Awareness, Participation and Implementation Inset 2022.