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GNHS Teachers Get Ready For RPMS-PPST

Cecilia A. Ong

GNHS conducted a webinar on the implementation of RPMS-PPST in the new normal via zoom on April 12.

This aimed to outline the specific guidelines, including the tools, protocols, and timelines, in the implementation of RPMS as anchored on the BE-LCP of the Department and aligned with the delivery of instruction through the learning delivery modalities (LDMs) appropriate in the context of local conditions ad consistent with the COVID-19 guidelines and regulations. Ms. Azenith G. Mercado discussed the actual plan that will serve as the teacher’s guide in producing the required MOVs for every PPST indicator while, Ms. Geraldine D. Queano shared a template where the teachers will insert the required MOVs per objective.

Ms. Celeste P. Tan presented the RPMS Tool for Teachers I-III scoring guide. Lastly, Mr. Rodolfo Sena discussed the IPCRF-DP.

Involve Me And I Learn: Contextualized Materials Make Teaching Highly Effective

Cecilia A. Ong

“Don’t let your learning lead to knowledge. Let your learning leads to action.” This quotation urged Doctor Joy Talens as she shared her experiences during the online District Learning Action Cell (LAC) on the development of contextualized learning materials among public secondary high school teachers through the initiative of Mr. Rodolfo A. Sena Jr, GNHS, Principal II on April 8 in SDO Lucena via zoom meet.

During the virtual LAC, Doc Talens gave the basics on how teachers can develop their own modules and worksheets following the guidelines in writing and considering the audience. She imparted the learnings from her previous work to the “to-do” things in crafting learning materials.

Mr. Rodolfo A. Sena, Jr., with all the teachers thanked Doc Talens for her time and effort in sharing insightful topic.


‘Tiangge Ni Juana’ Highlights Women’s Month

Geraldine D. Queaño

Women’s Month celebration in GNHS emphasizes the cause for celebration and thanksgiving despite many trials and adversities that women continue to face through a ‘tiangge’

“Teachers of GNHS have managed to survive and to prevail as loving, nurturing mothers and self-sacrificing wives, as hardworking, teachers, professionals — in whatever role, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, they keep the family strong and intact.”

‘Tiangge para kay Juana’ was organized to give them tribute and recognition. The tiangge offered different items from food, dry goods, cosmetics and RTW. Booths were built to display the items on sale.

GNHS Offers Free Haircut To Parents, Teachers

Manuel N. De Mesa

As part of the Women’s celebration, selected parents and teachers were treated to a free hair cut, March 28.

The activity was led by the Senior High School level specifically Mr. Manny N. De Mesa and Mr. Jan Pajares. Hair cutters from different salons joined the activity. A total of 35 teachers and parents benefited from the project.

The school believed that our hair is our crowning glory, and we must always take care of it to make it looked smooth and neat. Through the initiative of Mr. Rodolfo Sena Jr., principal II, he was eager to make women feel good about themselves and regain their confidence by looking good.

“My goal for Women’s Month is to assist parents and teachers in every way I can so that they can continue to be a blessing to those around them; what they do for their families, communities, and society is truly remarkable,” Mr. Sena said.

Nat’l Earthquake Drill Raises Awareness Amid Pandemic

Geraldine D. Queaño

Glang-Gulang National High School joined the first quarter national simultaneous earthquake drill (NSED) last March 11. Teachers who were on duty in school were able to sustain awareness on “duck, cover and hold” scenario. Those students staying at home do the drill virtually.

Mr. Stven Oliver G. Edano, Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM) coordinator, said the drill is an information and education campaign to ensure individual awareness in case of an earthquake and its hazards.

“Amid the ongoing pandemic, the movement is limited to abide by the minimum health standards, especially safe physical distancing,” he added.

The ceremonial pressing of the button was held at 10 a.m. wherein the teachers on duty did the evacuation scenario while those watching the livestream are encouraged to “duck, cover, and hold” in their houses at the sound of the alarm.

SHS Students Receive Free Tablets from SDO Lucena

Mary Cyril Roxas

A total of 164 SHS students through their parents and guardians received the computer tablet on March 24, at GNHS Session Hall, following the minimum safety and health protocol.

Ms. Azenith G. Mercado, together with the SHS teachers handover the computer tablets to the parents. She pointed the importance of computer tablets in the implementation of the basic education continuity plan amidst pandemic. With parent’s supervision at home, she encouraged students to maximize the use of the tablets in learning. On the other hand, Ms. Jennylyn M. Culla explained on how to use and take care of the tablets.

The tablets were given out so that students who do not have access to the internet at home can complete their homework. GNHS is grateful to the initiative of the LGU and SDO Lucena for doing their part to bridge the digital divide for the benefit of teachers, students and the educational system in general..

Women Leading The Fight - NWM Talks Equality

Geraldine D. Queano/Cecilia A. Ong

A special tribute to all of the great women’s accomplishments and sacrifices was held in GNHS including all the teachers and parents through a symposium in line with the National Women’s Month celebration.

There are 90 out of 100 target participants attended during the symposium last March 19, at GNHS Session Hall following the mandates on health and safety.

The program was headed by Mrs. Rosalinda P. Decena, Grade 10 Coordinator together with all the Grade 10 teachers. Its theme, “Mga Batas na dapat alam ng mga kalalakihan lalong-lalo na ng nga Kababaihan” focuses on equal state and access to opportunities regardless of gender.

Board Member Romano C. Talaga emphasized the pivotal role of women in bringing about social change and growth in the country.

“Equal citizenship, equal care, and equal opportunity are due to all women, grandmothers, and mothers. You play very important roles.” Talaga said.

He also gave insights on the importance of women and reasons why we have to honor the Juanas in the community.

In his statement during the symposium he made a toast to women’s courage and perseverance.

“Today is a day to reflect on and respect women for their unwavering courage and resilience. Their assistance molds us as individuals and as a country. Thank you for everything you do, and I wish you all a happy Women’s Day,” he added.

Ms. Roxan Marquez shared a video presentation on the equality among men and women in participation to any issue in society and even at home.

She said, t’s time to look into the gender problems that arose or became more apparent during the health crisis, to highlight women who persevered in the face of adversity, and to share information about support services and government initiatives that resolve women’s issues and concerns.

Over-all the symposium was intended to call for a more meaningful, long-term, and inclusive gender equality acts.


GNHS Intesifies Reorganization of PPA's Committees

By: Geraldine D. Queaño

Appointing new sets of committees for each project and programs to perform certain functions or tasks is necessary especially that GNHS is growing larger and more complex.

The reorganization of the said committees includes the 8 departments and all other clubs in the school. Each organization is composed of the following; chairman, vice chairman and members.

These committees are generally responsible for overall direction and integration of activities and resources related to the project. They are responsible for accomplishing work on schedule. They also become aware of their role and how their decisions are going to affect the entire organization.

Mr. Rodolfo Sena Jr., Principal, believed that through this , everyone will be given a chance to lead. He also believed that due to collective information and analysis, the committees are more likely to come up with solutions to complex problems which will be a big help to the school.

English Dep't Conducts E-Quiz Bee

By:Maria Leorita A. Gutierrez

As part of the new normal and the government’s campaign to fortify online learning amidst the COVID19 pandemic, the first online Quiz Bee of the English Department is conceptualized to increase the youth’s level of knowledge on literature and language and to adapt to the new normal.

The Online Quiz Bee was held last February 3 via google meet from 8:00 -11:00 am and was broadcasted live via Facebook page of the school.

Winners were given Certificates of Recognition and school supplies. Grade 7 winners were: Champion - Maica Aguilar (Humility ) 1st Place -Jared Q. Salayo (Faith) and 2nd Place - Mechelle D. Jimenez (STE). From grade 8; Champion - Kaycee Literal (Friendship) 1st Place - Merrycris Lagos (Prudence) 2nd Place - Sofhia Loria(Gaiety)while grade 9 winners were: Champion-Alexa Mae L. Mercado (Freedom) 1st Place-Hershey Danes R. Abeja (Perseverance) 2nd Place- Jude Vincent C. Asia (Perseverance). Grade 10, Champion - Kathleen Carmela L. Millares (Courage) 1st Place - Aliah L. Rasalan (Courage) 2nd Place - Kassandra Carla V. Lamberte (Chastity) Finally, from senior high school; Champion-Stephanie Olorosisimo (STEM 12 ), 1st Place -Maria Antonette Dela Cruz (ABM), 2nd Place- Jun Harold Olorosisimo (STEM 11).

3W-ILM Division Evaluation Ensures Quality Learning Materials

By: Ma. Abegail Alfonso/Laira Pusing

3W-ILM Worksheet is a school initiative written by teachers from grade 7-12. It is designed to help students understand basic concepts and develop skills, values, and attitudes through modular distance learning.

It is also designed to address the challenges of continuing education in the new normal through the provision of localized material that is cheap and concise.

To ensure that quality learning materials will be produced, Mr. Rodolfo Sena Jr., Principal initiated a school-based evaluation and asked assistance from the Division Learning Resource Management System(LRMS) headed by Dr. Anicia J. Villarruel to examine and revise the materials according to their evaluation procedure.

The format and content were strictly checked during the assessment. The evaluation in the division started with the Filipino group followed by TLE, AP and Science. Math, English, MAPEH and ESP will still have an on-going evaluation until March 2021.

True Love Waits Turns Six

By: Medel Huerto/Crizalde Arcellano

Gulang-Gulang National High School (GNHS) thru the chairmanship of Mrs. Charlene A. Bruno and the effort of the whole team of Project TLW conducts its 6th year values formation seminar with the theme: “True Love Waits” on February 15, 2021 via google meet and modular based with 86 Grade 8 students and 24 Teacher- online attendees.

Project TLW (True Love Waits) is a community project which aimed to develop awareness on GAD-related health issues among members of the organization. Being one of the best practices of the school, this serves as an awareness campaign on sex related health issues to students. In GNHS, there are many related problems encountered by our students which make them classified as SARDO students. As recorded, in grade eight for this SY 2020-21, there are a total of 39 SARDO students out of the total population. However, no cases of early pregnancy, early fatherhood and students who are living together outside the sacrament of matrimony has been recorded.

Reverend Joel J. Macatangay, National Church Planting Director of Conservative Baptist Association of the Philippines (CBAP) together with Dr. Maria Teresa J. Macatangay, QNHS Master Teacher I and Mrs. Bruno shared the magic of waiting for one’s real and true love.

With this kind of activity, students were enlightened and made themselves aware on how to handle situation where they have to decide not only for themselves and for their beloved ones but for God who sees everything from us.

GNHS Partners With Grolier For Reading And Learning

By: Mary Cyril Roxas/Patricia May Mendoza

“Nurturing the children is our simple way of honing the world’s future”, this is what Grolier International Inc. believes in. With this, Grolier launched an edutour as partnership to all schools in the Philippines. The program aims to strengthen the literacy among the learners.

As part of the program, Grolier conducted EduTour:Reading and Learning Drive for the Filipino Youth at Gulang-Gulang National High School last Feb. 22. The activity includes the donation of four boxes of books. Each teacher also received a book from Grolier.

Mr. Rodolfo A. Sena Jr., Principal said that these books will help not only the students but the teachers as well especially now that they are doing the 3rd and 4th quarter worksheets for modular distance learning. After the distribtution of books, the signing of deed of donation was conducted together with the Grolier School Coordinator, the school principal, LRMDS coordinator, PTA president and SGOD coordinator. Groiler Philippines believed that through the program they can support the studens’ brain inclination so they can grow as the best person as they can be.