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Historical Background

No more striking example of the determination of the people of Barangay Gulang-Gulang to secure free public education for their children can be offered than that of the establishment of Gulang-Gulang National High School. It has been a long dream project of the city government officials headed by Honorable Mayor Ramon Y. Talaga Jr. and the barangay officials of Gulang-Gulang Lucena City together with Barangay Captain Anselmo A. Regis Jr. to establish a secondary school in Barangay Gulang-Gulang. The project aimed to eradicate problems on vehicular traffic, overcrowded classrooms, high expense on transportation and most of all by making education accessible to all.

The first step toward the formation of a public high school in Brgy. Gulang-Gulang came from just a dream among the barangay officials. A dream that has been conceptualized into action, thereby making it possible. The plan of creating a national high school in the barangay became a reality. After an open discussion, a motion was carried to organize a permanent committee to direct the movement.

For the realization of the project, barangay officials of Gulang-Gulang had made a resolution No. 2005-03 s. 2005 entitled, “Isang Kapasyahang Humihiling sa Sangguniang Panglunsod ng Lucena sa Pamahalaang Panglungsod sa Pagtatayo ng isang Paaralang Sekundarya sa Barangay.” On January 28, 2005, the resolution has been passed and approved through the effort of Atty. Boyet Alejandrino, City councilor.

Upon its approval, the school started its enrolment at the barangay Hall of Gulang-Gulang on May 23-27, 2005. Classes was formally opened on June 6, 2005 with 147 enrolled students: 88 male and 59 female students respectively which were divided into three sections namely: I-Germanium, I-Uranium and I-Scandium.

The proposed Gulang-Gulang National High School was primarily under the umbrella of Lucena City National High School. Thus, the five teachers who were first assigned to teach at GGNHS came from LCNHS. They were Agatha Brenca D. Ilagan, TLE, Irene P. Avillo, English, Helen M. Abanto, Science and Rommel Lavarro, mathematics, Rolito M. Inojosa the assigned Head Teacher I pioneered in the acquisition of the necessary documents to establish the school.

Since the prospective school site for GGNHS was still under negotiation, the school was temporarily but wholeheartedly accommodated within the three classrooms of Zaballero Subdivision Elementary School under the administration of Mrs. Evelyn Vilabroza, principal.

With strong determination and commitment for making education accessible to all, the barangay officials decided to pay one half of Php 1.6 million from the barangay fund to expedite the establishment of the school. The ground breaking of the new school site which is situated at Unson Subdivision Barangay Gulang-Gulang was immediately held on August 24, 2005 with the presence of the members of the Sangguniang Panglungsod, Snagguniang Pambarangay, DepEd Officials, PTCA officers, parents, teachers and students. After a few months of construction on March 8, 2006, an inauguration of the two-storey-eight classroom building funded by the city government was conducted.

The school’s second year of operation (S.Y. 2006-2007), unprecedented increase in enrolment urged the new administration to open two or more year levels: four sections in First year and three sections in Second year. This also led the administration to add six new experienced teachers. They are as follows: Anicia J. Villaruel-Head Teacher I designated new Teacher-in-charge of the school; Ofelia A. Guevarra- Guidance Counselor and Filipino; Carolina L. Antenor-MAPEH, Arlene Z. Abdula-Science; Junet Andrea b. Migullas-Social Studies and Jollivette A. Galutan-TLE. There were also eleven additional classrooms added wherein the seven of which were funded by Deped-Principal-Led School Building while the one-storey-four classroom building was donated by Metrobank Foundation through the partnership of Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce Candelaria and Lucena City Chapter and also through the effort of Honorable Mayor Ramon Y. Talaga Jr.

Opportunities came along so fast under the administration of Mrs. Villaruel. Her leadership style attracted many stakeholders to make donations for the school.

Fortunately, the school’s third year of operation (S.Y. 2007-2008) with its 80% increase in enrolment necessitated the school to add ten more teachers. Two of them were the only Master Teachers from Lucena City National High School main Campus namely: Jennifer E. Lopez-English and Ma. Leticia Grace Zaporteza- Mathematics; three were Local School Board Funded teachers lnamely; Adoracion P. Remo- Science, Maricar J. EspinosaFilipino and Geraldine D. Queano-English; seven were still on contractual local school board funded teachers namely; Nazel R. Zoleta, Cecilia A. Amador, Raquel P. Fernandez, Michelle D. Bajar, Dennis E. Ibarrola, Lowel B. Busa and Maricel C. Oblea. The school’s tie up with Non-Government stakeholders like Ayala Foundation Inc. And Syrex Corporation who served as benefactors for the complete establishment of Information Communication technology (ICT) Laboratory marked the technological advancement in the school.

Soon after the school began, word started to spread. In just three years, enrollment doubled. Changes and development make everyone excited and blissful. Hopeful smiles and enthusiasm filled the hearts of the students, teachers and parents of Gulang-Gulang National High School.

On August 2, 2007, Gulang-Gulang National High School finally received the approval of the establishment of Gulang-Gulang National High School as an INDEPENDENT SCHOOL signed by Dr. George R. Garma, Director IV-Region IV-A CALABARZON.

Its first graduation was held in 2009 with 164 students. The first commencement exercises of the school marked the beginning of bringing quality graduates of the school. Graduates who will build names in the country and would make themselves productive.

But just like any beginner, it has not been an easy journey for the school. The road going to school became difficult for the students and teachers but because there were many good people who believed in the mission and vision of the school, blessings continue to pour.

After suffering in the rough and muddy road, Gulang-Gulang National High School’s students, teachers and visitors experienced convenience in the newest concrete road going to GGNHS through the effort of Mayor Barbara “Ruby” C. Talaga, City Administrator Ramon Y. Talaga Jr., Sangguniang-Panlungsod and the City Engineering Officers in 2010.

It is more than 1,400 students, 40 teachers including the School Principal, visitors and 100 families of Zaballero Subdivision nearby the school are benefited of this project. It brought convenience when the contractor let the tricycle drivers and other vehicles pass through this road.

Over the years,leadership has changed hands with each head who needs to serve another school, in 2011 another principal served the school as Mrs. Myla Banagan Berry take the lead. Her leadership brought also many changes, she had worked hard to improve the quality of education and to make name of GNHS known by many because countless intelligent, responsible and disciplined students dwell here.

The rapid success of the school inspired the new set of Barangay Officials with their Brgy. Captain Narfil King Abrencillo to continue their support for the school. It was during his term in 2011 when another building with four classrooms was built. It was also through the joint effort of the department of education and the local government.

More so, GNHS strongly felt fortunate when Governor David “Jay-Jay Suarez grants an IT Laboratory which includes a complete furnished 25 units of computers with fully air-conditioned room. With these, more opportunities will be rendered to students and more success will be achieved.Another project was undertaken in 2014 with the creation of a three storey classrooms housing the grade 7 students.

As the school continued to expand, another leader accepted the challenged to handle 52 teachers and 1500 students. Mr. Rodolfo Sena Jr. started his leadership in GNHS in 2015. His passion and devotion to elevate quality education in public schools made him productive and capable leader. Thus, intelligence combined with hard work defines his objectives as a teacher and a leader. In addition, creating responsible team leaders were his first priority because producing teachers as leaders can make any school more productive and advance. Hence, school serves as an avenue for learners in building their quest to become good citizens in the future.

In his term, three major building project was constructed, the first was the Senior High Building, second was the four storey building with 20 classrooms which is expected to rise by June and lastly the laboratories for Senior High students which is supposed to finish this year.

In 2016, the full implementation of the K-12 curriculum marked the school opening and was dubbed as historic with the start of the Senior High School program.

Around 110 students were enrolled who will join the first batch of students in grade 11.

Among the offered strands were GAS, ABM, STEM and Technology Vocational Livelihood. GAS has 55 enrolled students, ABM 30 students, TVL has 55 students and STEM has 30 students. There were teachers hired with specialized training and seminars who will mold the first batch of senior high. They were Azenith Gallano-Master Teacher II, Jeniffer M. Oblefias,, Lotus Rolle, Leinjel Mayor, Rosemarie Ladera, Adoracion Remo, and Rogemor Castillo.

In its second year of implementation, enrollees for grades 11 doubled and another three teachers were added to fully equipped with necessary skills the first batch of graduates for K-12.

In the same year also, two barangay high schools were opened which is under the umbrella of Gulang-Gulang High School, Domoit National High School and Bocohan National High School. It was managed and supervised by Mr. Lowell Busa and Mrs. Pelagia Regio both from the same mother school. A total of five teachers for both schools helped in bringing quality education for all the students of Brgy. Domoit and Bocohan.

The school’s commitment to new technology was further reinforced at this time with the installation of another three IT Laboratories. The school was also one of the recipients of Globe Telecom since most teachers of the school are using technology in their teaching.

Today, Gulang-Gulang National High School has over 2360 students with 80 teaching personnels, 8 non- teaching, 4 security guards and 5 utilities.

Throughout our history, the school community has remained committed to creating an environment in which students are known, supported, challenged and encouraged to grow.

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